Monday, March 5, 2012

not quite six months.

i think i realized this weekend how fiercely i love my husband. i don't really want to go into the details. i don't know who (if anyone) might read this.

i did the smart thing and called the police. what i wanted to do was kill someone (NOT wen'l!). there's really no reason for me to feel protective. but i did!

keeping it real went way too far.

Friday, September 16, 2011


pearl jam. this song kinda goes away and you think it's over and then about a minute later, it's back. kinda like my aggravation level today. for fuck's sake, i should not have to wear earplugs every minute of the goddamn day to tolerate my neighbors, right? did i spend too much time out in suburbia and become too used to the quiet? i know i took having somewhere to park for granted, but the quiet. my god, how i miss the quiet.

the quiet, cortina's, and zankou chicken are all i miss about anaslime, but fuck how i miss them.

lol. i kinda wish the song that's playing now had been when i started. it's "psychotic girl" by the black keys. 

i've been visited by old friends in my dreams lately. last night it was tony san marchi. he was hanging out with my brother (?) at our old house. apparently, my bro had stashed like 3 lbs of ganja, and they were busting up the built-in brick fireplace to fetch it, all the while smoking joints rolled in un-rolling papers... no idea why tony showed up. i don't think he had ever been in one of my dreams. which is kinda weird. 20 years ago i was pretty damn hot for him. 

k. i'm high and "hotwax" by beck is in my ears. i gotta bounce. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

bullet with butterfly wings

lazy saturday. should have done some housework, but that'll wait till tomorrow. what couldn't wait another second was my hooves. did the full-on pedi a bit ago. it's nice not walking on calluses, yo!
here's a meme! i stole it from mrs. chili over @

1. do you believe in heaven?  i believe that if there is a heaven, it's here on earth. 
2. have you ever come close to dying?  yup. the more time that passes since that accident, the more i wonder how i didn't die right there on the 91. 
3. what jewelry do you wear 24/7?   none, not even my wedding ring. if for no other reason, it would come off to cook.
4. would you ever consider having plastic surgery?  consider? i've HAD plastic surgery. facial reconstruction, yo! (see ? #2.)
5. what do you wear to bed?  a very big, very comfy t-shirt. 
6. have you ever done anything illegal?  i'm doing something illegal right now. :p
7. who was the last person that you touched? myself? lol! if i don't count, wen'l. 
8. where did you eat last?  at home. last night. steak frites and a salad. wen'l did the steak. dry-aged bone-in new york. seasoned and grilled to perfection. i handled the rest. 
9. besides your own blog, are there any that you routinely read but never comment on? mrs. chili's. thoughts from galicia, spain. rurally screwed. 
10. ever been involved with the police?  a couple times for having a burned out tail light, and a couple of times because of various dipshit neighbors. 
11. do you talk in your sleep?  no. 
12. now a celebrity fantasy. who would you take on a ménage à trois for a dirty weekend?   i am reaaaally not into the idea of a threesome. also, i couldn't limit myself to three. anthony bourdain, ewan mcgregor, matt damon. at least a fivesome. 
13. do you feel that you’ve had a truly successful life?  i've been successful in a couple areas. i picked the perfect mate (for me). i'm still here and i still have an unquenchable thirst to learn. i didn't get knocked up. but underachievement is the name of my game. 
14. where do you wish you were?  san gimignano, italy.
15. have you ever ridden in an ambulance? twice. and that faceplant on the 91 freeway wasn't one of them. i was conscious, and there's nothing crappier than being on a gurney in the back of a bus and knowing it. 
16. is there any type of dancing that you love to do?  i like bopping along to the tunes my pandora treats me to. does that count?
17. last gift you received?  the hub just dusted and vacuumed! that's a swell fucking gift :)
18. last sport you played?  crap. it's been too long since i played any sport. 
19. last place you went on holiday? huntington beach, california. a week at my aunt's. soft bed, but sooooo quiet. 
20. current song?  "everlong", by foo fighters. on "the colour and the shape". fucking a. blogger blogger says "colour" is misspelled. lol

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

is that all?

so. my titles are going to be the song i'm listening to when i start a post. this song is by U2. it's on their second album (cuz that's what it was goddammit. i bought the LP.) "october".

one of my absolute favorite blogs is shut down till october. i don't know how people write a cogent, even entertaining post every day. hell, even most days. esp. when one has kids and all they entail, a job outside the house and then a home (that isn't an apartment the size of a refrigerator box!) to take care of. i got nothing but time and i have a hard time doing it. i think that's mostly because i have content problems. 

1. i clean a bit every day. this means my whole place is seldom shipshape at the same time. but it also means i don't have to inhale a bunch of cleaning products (and even method gets old, you know?) on the same day that i sweep and mop. those 2 things wreck my back. they got my mom in the gut. *le sigh* my mom... gone five years now. i STILL have dreams where i tell her off. i'm wondering what i have to do to get rid of them, because it seems to me like i've put all that shit to rest in the real world.... i also don't believe in doing a week worth of laundry at once. again, i have the time to do some every day... 

2. there's just an assload of stuff i could write about, and a hundred stories i could tell. i think i'm sort of afraid to. does it really matter what any of you thinks? i think i'm not quite over myself, you know?

3. it was bloody fucking hot here today. 93 i think. told you the hellish weather would show up in september, didn't i? least it's much less muggy than it was the last time it was this hot. could be even more dry, though! wen'l doesn't like it, but i figure if it's gonna be 90+, the humidity should be about 12%. all i'd have to do is pound ice water all day and i'd be ok. when it's like this, it's like i don't really come to life till about 6pm. it's probably about 85 now. 

4. i promised there'd be recipes. last thing i wanna do when it's this hot is cook. i'm gonna have a ham sangwich later, and maybe a pickle. 

5. after living here for a year and a half, i finally got around to having an actual conversation with the couple down in #6. they both speak spanish. well duh! so do i! the man asked how i was... "bien?" me: "asi asi." and the damn floodgates opened! she's going to mexico to have surgery. i'm thinking a hysterectomy, but she didn't say so. next time i see em out there, i'm gonna introduce myself properly. was cool saying something other than "hola!" though :)

anyway, come october, i'll share the URL for that blog i'm jonesing for. there's some good peeps over there, and a couple of really kick-ass short stories. binko could have, should have been a published author. but in her case, as in so many, life got in the fucking way. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

bad habits die hard

but at least wendell got the wireless nic (aka, AirPort) working in this apple. this poor, ancient apple. the HP i had been using while this thing was broke kicked the bucket on saturday. :(  i hope it wasn't anything i did! 

anyway, back to the apple. the precious. it still has the best monitor i've ever seen. 

been hot as fuck here lately. 90's and muggy. 90 is bad enough when it's dry, yo. looks like it's gonna be cooler for the next 10 days or so. i hope y'all (cept my SIL. she probably knows this) know that just as you guys are starting to break out the long pants and real shoes again, our hot weather has just shown up. not that i'm bitching about our weather. and god! praise jeebus all we have to worry about here are earthquakes. the mid-atlantic got ordered to grab its ankles the last week or so. 

so yeah. glad i'm still here in california. costs a grip to live here, and the traffic. lord, the traffic. a nightmare the likes of which y'all do not understand. and for a place so well known for its sprawl, the part of it i live in is surprisingly dense. 

k i'm out. gonna go enjoy this wee buzz and bop along to "root down" by les boys beastie. nite!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

parla italiano?


so day 4. wendell and i went to the library. checked out three of tony bourdain's books, some stuff along the lines of "mastering italian", and "my life in france" by julia child. my library card had expired and i had fines to the tune of $2.10, even though i'd never checked anything out. transfered some shit that i never picked up, that i didn't know got transferred. they got my email address wrong when i applied for the card in april 2010, and i didn't catch it then.

anyway, i've got till 7 sept. got a lot of stuff to read. hopefully wendell's card will show up by then so we can check out the italian language shit again. i'm a smart bitch, but no way am i going to master italian in 3 weeks. lol

i do wonder how long it will take me to be able to make a blogpost in italian. i did one in spanish on my old blog, i think. remembering as much spanish as i do is making the whole learning italian thing not quite so daunting.

i must go. dinner does not cook itself around here. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

is reverb really so hard to understand?

i ask because it seems to be a concept above the heads of the people in #2. their music is louder at my front door than at theirs. the breezeway is usually a good thing, but not when someone is playing music or waging world war iii with their kids.

anyhoo... i'm alone. wendell had class tonight. listening to some tool, smoking a little weed. had a busy day. changed the slipcover on the couch and washed and reapplied (lol. reapplied.) the slipcover on the chair. dusted. i have lots of horizontal surfaces, so that's a legitimate undertaking. swept the floor. vacuumed the rug. i should take a pic of it tomorrow while it looks good.

i'm finally going to get to busy on some art for my own living room. huey turned out really well, and my brother really does dig it. i had something in mind for this one canvas, but i think i want to take an eraser to it and start over. no pencil this time. actually i need to paint at least 2 things, one a 36" square,  and a 24x48".

yeah... so that's it. i'm gonna go play some ac:2. i need to get it finished.